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Photo Editing & Retouching!

I am excited to announce I will now be offering professional photo editing and retouching services in addition to my art and painting parties!

It all started when I noticed I was getting frustrated more and more due to always seeming to get that really great shot EXCEPT for that one random person in the background, or that one hair that the breeze caught and drifted across my face. So I took matters into my own hands and began learning Adobe Photoshop. I now use my knowledge to not only enhance my own photos, but also other people who have photos with editing needs.  Maybe you have professional pictures that you didn’t think needed editing but now you wish you had purchased that editing package…. well don’t worry, there is still hope!  🙂  Send them to me and I will turn your photos into what you envisioned!

I am also open to partnering with photographers who do not want the hassle of retouching their photos and want to focus on their art rather than the editing.

Regardless of your needs – feel free to contact me and I will be happy to discuss any questions or needs you may have!

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Amazing Show!

Category : Shows & Events

So…  last night was amazing!  (That’s what she said…hahahaha)  🙂

Thank you to everyone who came out to support myself and all of the other awesome RAW artists.  It was truly an amazing experience.  If you haven’t had the chance to check out RAW and what they are all about I would highly suggest it.  I saw so many fantastic artists in all different categories – fashion, dance, makeup, visual, film… It was so inspiring to see all of the amazingly talented people all in one space for one big event!  Plus an extra bonus – I sold several pieces!

I will say my feet feel like concrete blocks… note to self… next time wear Dr. Scholls inserts in my shoes.  10 hours of standing on concrete floors = super sore feetsies.  SO WORTH IT THOUGH!  I wouldn’t change a thing.

Check out the pictures!  I will be posting in the “About” section under Event photos!!

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New Techniques

Category : Artwork

Howdy all and Happy Friday!

I was just thinking this morning about my progression with painting.  I have evolved so much over the years and still continue to do so.  Recently I have started experimenting with watercolor and water soluble graphite pencils.  I am absolutely loving the pencils!  My newest pieces are made using these.  The effects that you can get by using them is so much more versatile than just sketch pencils.  The line saturation can gray scale can be really played up and melded into the watercolors used.  I am loving it!

I am still learning and trying out new things with them… Next on the list of things to try will be the watercolor pencils.  I don’t know exactly how they will work or if the colors will be as vibrant as I typically like them to be so we will see how that turns out.  Stay tuned!  I will try this out within the next month but first I have a couple of custom pieces in the works that I will start on after the show next week!

Holiday season is here so I will be busy busy and loving it!  🙂


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RAW Atlanta Showcase! 1 more week!

Category : Shows & Events

If you don’t know me, then you won’t know that I am a procrastinator. Yes folks, a bonafide, fly-by-the-seat-of-my-pants, procrastinator. Not on everything… fun things I always find time for! The things that aren’t so fun like scheduling, prepping, researching… I put those off for as long as possible until I realize there is no time left and then I scurry around.

Somehow I end up pulling it off… usually.

So with that being said – I have a show coming up! I have neglected to post this because, well, I have been busy doing the fun stuff like painting! 🙂

I would love if you all could come to the show. It should be a great time. It is in Midtown Atlanta located at Terminal West – King Plow. It is a RAW Natural Born Artist event and the show is called “Current”.

Tickets are only $15.00 and I would love to see your smiling faces! Purchase tickets via:

See ya there!