Party FAQs

Coming Soon in January 2015!

Q.  What is a paint party?

a.  Silverain Studios will turn your home into an art studio!  We bring the easels, canvas, paint brushes, smocks, paint, tableclothes, rinse cups, pallets and instructor!  We can customize a painting to a theme or you can choose a design from our standard options.  All you provide is guests, the food, and the drinks!  It’s a fantastic time and a great idea for those wanting to do something outside the norm and show guests a unique experience!

Q.  What if we do not have experience or are not artistic?

a.  No worries!  This is all for fun and the instructor is very good about going step by step along the way.  The instructor will also offer to touch up any areas at the end that you are unhappy with to make sure your painting is something you love!  Most of all, this is a fun group experience that everyone will be sure to love regardless of artistic ability!

Q.  What is the minimum/maximum amount of guests?

a.  Your group must total at least (5) five persons.  The minimum charge is for (5) five persons so if you choose to have a smaller group you would still be charged at that level.  There is a surcharge for parties in excess of (12) twelve persons.

Q.  What ages do you cater to?

a.  Ages 6 – 106!  We can do parties for all ages.  These parties are not recommended for ages under 6 due to shorter attention spans!  🙂

Q. How long does a party typically last?

a.  Depending on the group this will vary.  Typically an adult party lasts 2 – 3 hours and a child’s party will last 1 – 1.5 hours.  I never hurry my groups though, so if everyone is talking and laughing and taking a little longer than usual, that is ok!  🙂

Q.  How do I book a party?

a.  Just simply look on my event calendar, find an available date that works for you, and email your Paint Party Request Form to

Q.  When are paint parties available for booking?

a.  Paint parties are available most Saturdays & Sundays all day and M-F starting at 7pm.